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Old French genterise, variant form of gentelise, from gentil.


gentrice (uncountable)

  1. (archaic) The state or quality of being high-born; gentility.
    • 1939, Harold W. Thompson, Body, Boots, & Britches: Folktales, Ballads, and Speech from Country New York, Syracuse University Press (1979), →ISBN, page 326:
      The tragedy, however, as Burke and other British statesmen were to declare, had already been prepared indirectly by Gentlemen Johnny Burgoyne, whose claims to gentrice were as dubious as his talents as a general.
  2. (archaic) High-born individuals collectively; gentry.
    • 1913, Richard Middleton, The Ghost Ship and Other Stories, Mitchell Kennerley (1913), page 16:
      [] I don't hold with gentrice who fetch their drink from London instead of helping local traders to get their living."