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geocache +‎ -er


geocacher (plural geocachers)

  1. A person who hides or seeks objects as part of the sport of geocaching.
    • 2008, Colleen Coble, Abomination[1], page 20:
      “Couple of geocachers found a floater at Wilson's Pond about an hour ago. Nasty. The perp took her tongue and her face. []
    • 2010, J. Kevin Taylor, DuAnn Kremer, Katherine Pebworth, Peter Werner, Geocaching for Schools and Communities, Human Kinetics, page 20,
      Whatever a cache leads to, the process of finding the cache will usually stir the geocacher’s curiosity to the point of learning something. As geocachers learn more about the area in which they are caching, they will have a natural tendency to pay attention to the setting and their surroundings.
    • 2011, Terry Marsh, Geocaching in the UK[2], page 113:
      Like any outdoor activity, geocaching involves some inherent risk, and many geocachers enjoy manageable risks.