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Old English[edit]


From Proto-Germanic *gelwaz, from Proto-Indo-European *ǵʰelh₃- (shine, glisten).



ġeolu (pl. ġeolwe)

  1. yellow
    Him bēoþ ða ēagan ġeolwe. His eyes will be yellow.
    • c. 700, Beowulf, 2609-2610
      ne mihte ðā forhabban hond rond gefēng
      geolwe linde gomel swyrd getēah.
      He could not then hold back; his hand seized his round [shield]
      [of] yellow linden, he drew [his] ancient sword:


Weak Strong
case singular plural case singular plural
m n f m n f m n f
nominative ġeolwa ġeolwe ġeolwe ġeolwan nom. ġeolu ġeolu ġeolu ġeolwe ġeolu, -ġeolwe ġeolwa, -e
accusative ġeolwan ġeolwe ġeolwan acc. ġeolone ġeolu ġeolwe ġeolwe ġeolu, -ġeolwe ġeolwa, -ġeolwe
genitive ġeolwan ġeolora, ġeolwena gen. ġeolwes ġeolwes ġeolore ġeolora
dative ġeolwan ġeolwum dat. ġeolwum ġeolwum ġeolore ġeolwum
instrumental ġeolwe