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gizzard +‎ -less


  • IPA(key): /ˈɡɪzə(ɹ)d.lɪs/


gizzardless (not comparable)

  1. Without a gizzard; without guts or innards.
    • 1906, Joel Parker Whitney, Reminiscences of a Sportsman, page 10:
      This bird has the distinguishing feature of being unlike any of the grouse family, being gizzardless, having no muscular development of that character, but a membranous sac in its place.
    • 1913, Gene Stratton-Porter, Laddie: A True Blue Story, page 330:
      No matter what happened to any one else, Candace had to be pleased: for did not she so manage that most fowls served on mother's table went gizzardless to the carving?
  2. (figurative) Lacking courage, cowardly.
    • 1925, James Stevens, Paul Bunyan, page 32:
      "Heave harder on that peavy handle, you gizzardless scissor-bill, or I'll put the calks to you!"
    • 2013, Rob Davies, Henhouse High Jinx: Mr. Stevens and Friends, page 82:
      If you think you're in pain now, just wait until you see what tomorrow brings, you gizzardless coward.