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From French glaciation, from glace (ice).



glaciation (countable and uncountable, plural glaciations)

  1. The process of covering with a glacier, or the state of being glaciated; the production of glacial phenomena; an ice age
    • 2005, Peter Ulmschneider, Intelligent Life in the Universe: Principles and Requirements Behind Its Emergence:
      That the habitability of our planet was severely endangered by the significant rise in oxygen levels and reduction in methane due to oxygen-producing bacteria combined with the low luminosity of the Sun in the Proterozoic era (2500– 542 million years ago) is suggested by geological evidence for severe global glaciations in this epoch.
    • 2006, Hanna Lokrantz, Ice Marginal Fluctuations During the Weichselian Glaciation in Fennoscandia, a Literature Review:
      This simulation aims at describing the hydrological conditions at a Swedish deep repository of nuclear waste during a glaciation.
  2. A particular instance of glacier formation.
    • 1953, Geological Survey Circular, The Survey, page 4:
      Deposits of the Caribou Hills glaciation only locally retain a distinct hummocky morainal form, with filled kettle depressions and subdued knobs. Along the mountain fronts the marginal deposits of this glaciation reach an average altitude of slightly more than 3,000 feet.
    • 2002, John F. Shroder Jr., Himalaya to the Sea: Geology, Geomorphology and the Quaternary:
      Deposits from the glaciation are sparse, but glacial surfaces at 4150–4300 m in the Hunza area, above 2600 m in the Gilgit region, above 3200 m in the Haramosh region, above 4000 m on Deosai, and at 3200–3500 m in the Shigar valley area provide much evidence for this glaciation.
  3. The act of freezing.
    • 2017, Aurel Persoiu, Ice Caves:
      For cave glaciation to occur it is necessary that the air temperature outside the caves be negative either for all or part of a year; such conditions exist in many regions of the world.

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glaciation f (plural glaciations)

  1. glaciation

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