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  1. simple past tense and past participle of glad-hand


glad-handed (comparative more glad-handed, superlative most glad-handed)

  1. Superficially friendly.
    • 2011, Tony De Vita, The Pointy House Murders, ISBN 1426959168:
      ...his niggardly back-slapping coupled with an antediluvian crew-cut and a predilection for starched, razor-sharp creased shirts and spit-shined shoes only confirmed the prejudices of the glad-handed, button-down collared, slicked-back hair crowd-his benefactors, sponsors.
    • 2010, Martin Amis, London Fields, ISBN 1409028712, page 334:
      Since Thelonius's arrest, Keith had been doing the right thing, making regular and glad-handed visits to Lilette and the kids, and he could all too easily see himself developing an obligation there
    • 2014, J. Budziszewski, The Line through the Heart: Natural Law as Fact, Theory, and Sign of Contradiction, ISBN 1497644321:
      In wading through the mire of an era whose inmates have tired of supposed Enlightenment and loiter at the gates of the Dark, we should not be too glad-handed with the pearls of faith...