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glamour +‎ puss


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glamourpuss (plural glamourpusses)

  1. (slang) A glamorous, alluring woman.
    • 1968, New York Magazine‎ (volume 1, number 5, May 1968)
      Perhaps that is what is lacking in the work of the younger glamourpusses around today. Zubin Mehta, for example, strikes me as being in something of a mess.
    • 1991, Sally Moore, The Definitive Diana: An Intimate Look at the Princess of Wales from A to Z:
      Even Joan Collins, that perennial glamourpuss, goes to Barbara for the Daly magic for special occasions.
    • 1995, Nicholas Ray, Susan Ray, I Was Interrupted: Nicholas Ray on Making Movies‎
      The person who asked that question was holding some image of the actor as just a glamourpuss affair; she had no idea of what acting is about.