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Blend of glossary +‎ index


glindex (plural glindexes)

  1. A combined glossary and index.
    • 2007, Glenda Browne, ‎Jon Jermey, The Indexing Companion (page 38)
      Terminology can be an important heading in legal indexes to gather glossary entries and definitions from throughout the document. A twist on this is the 'glindex', a combined glossary and index that is sometimes used as a way of grouping end matter and/or saving space. Glindex-style indexes have been used with pronunciation guides and chemical formula diagrams.
    • 2008, Bruno Dyck, ‎Mitchell Neubert, Management: Current Practices and New Directions (page xxiii)
      For example, the book has a glindex (a combined glossary and index), opening and closing cases, end-of-chapter questions, and so on.