glint in the milkman's eye

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Created by analogy with similar expressions such "a glint in your father's eye", but implying the child was conceived adulterously; milkmen, visiting housewives while their husbands would have been at work, are often associated with adultery.


glint in the milkman's eye ‎(plural glints in the milkman's eye)

  1. (Britain, humorous) Someone or something that has not been born or conceived yet.
    • 2010, Lisa Wright, Album review: Twin Shadow - Forget (4AD), NME
      It’s no wonder then that, musically, from Summer Camp to Best Coast, we’ve stepped into a sepia time machine recently, transported back to a golden age where romance abounded and Justin Bieber was a mere glint in the milkman’s eye.
    • 1987, Blackadder the Third, "Dish and Dishonesty"
      "And which Pitt would this be? Pitt the Toddler? Pitt the Embryo? Pitt the Glint in the Milkman's Eye?"