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gloom +‎ -ful


gloomful (comparative more gloomful, superlative most gloomful)

  1. (archaic or poetic) gloomy
    • 1895, M.P. Shiel, Prince Zaleski[1]:
      Long, I tell you, long and often, have I pondered on that history, and sought to trace with what ghastly secret has been pregnant the destiny, gloomful as Erebus and the murk of black-peplosed Nux, which for centuries has hung its pall over the men of this ill-fated house.
    • 1922, Samuel Hopkins Adams, From a Bench in Our Square[2]:
      Dyke, having expressed a preference for the tomb as a place of residence, went on his gloomful way shedding green paint on one side and red on the other.