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glost (uncountable)

  1. (often attributive) Lead glazing used for pottery.
    • 1912, Alice Hamilton, Lead Poisoning in Potteries, Tile Works, and Porcelain Enameled Sanitary Ware Factories, Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor, Whole Number 104, Industrial Accidents and Hygiene Series, No. 1, page 18,
      In the sanitary-ware potteries of Trenton, and in the general-ware potteries of East Liverpool, the glost-kiln men simply place the glazed ware in saggers, and therefore the only exposure to lead comes from getting their hands smeared with the glaze.
    • 1942, American Ceramic Society Bulletin, Volume 21, page 47,
      The variations in glaze texture with different glost thermal treatment were observed. Two glazes, each made of the same end formula but differing in the distribution of their composition, received four different commercial glost firings.
    • 1978, W. Ryan, Properties of Ceramic Raw Materials, 2nd Edition, page 19,
      If no decoration is applied, biscuit or glost firing is the final operation in manufacture.

Derived terms[edit]




  1. Second-person singular present of glosen.
  2. Third-person singular present of glosen.
  3. Second-person plural present of glosen.
  4. Imperative plural of glosen.