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Generic structure diagram of a glucosinolate (the side group R varies)
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glucosinolate (plural glucosinolates)

  1. (organic chemistry, biochemistry) Any glycosinolate in which the sugar component is glucose.
    • 1991, Alan J. Duncan, Chapter 6: Glucosinolates, J. P. Felix D'Mello, C. M. Duffus, John H. Duffus (editors), Toxic Substances in Crop Plants, page 126,
      Glucosinolates are a group of plant thioglucosides found principally among members of the Cruciferae.
    • 1999, Lars Ove Dragsted, Naturally Occurring Antitumourigens[1], page 41:
      Intakes of indoles or their parental glucosinolates, may have beneficial health effects as well as toxicological effects.
    • 2003, K. C. Walker, E. J. Booth, Sulphur Nutrition and Oilseed Quality, Y.P. Abrol, A. Ahmad (editors), Sulphur in Plants, page 323,
      Sulphur availability has a larger effect on the content of glucosinolates, sulphur containing secondary metabolites, in both the vegetation and the seed of oilseed rape plant.


  • (glycosinolate whose sugar component is glucose): glucosinate

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