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go +‎ round.


go-round (plural go-rounds)

  1. One instance of a recurring event.
    • 1994: "Wall Street; Copper Linings for Wall St. Clouds?" by Susan Antilla in the New York Times
      The belief that euphoria over copper is bad for stocks derives from peculiarities of the economic cycle.... This go-round, however, investors trying to make sense of copper's rise had better take a broader look at economies internationally, the pros say, because the big demand for copper isn't coming from the United States.
    • 2017: "Timnath asks for sales tax bump, fueled by Costco and Walmart shoppers" by Pat Ferrier in the Coloradoan
      Timnath voters last year handily rejected a similar sales tax increase that would have increased both the sales and use taxes.... This go-round, the town is not seeking an increase in use taxes.