go hand in hand

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go + hand in hand


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go hand in hand (third-person singular simple present goes hand in hand, present participle going hand in hand, simple past went hand in hand, past participle gone hand in hand)

  1. (idiomatic) Of two things, to be closely related or to go together well; see hand in hand.
  2. (literally) Of two people, to hold hands.
    • 1894, Edward Phillips Oppenheim, A monk of Cruta, page 321:
      Wait for me! Let us go hand in handhand in hand through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Oh, my love! it has been a weary, weary while.
    • 2000, Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Respect, page 238:
      We came into the world like brother and brother;
      And now let's go hand in hand saad, not one before the other.