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God +‎ did +‎ it



  1. (slang) A sarcastic assertion that something that has not been satisfactorily explained by science is therefore evidence of God.
    • Dec 7, 1997, Chris Kennedy, Fighting something that doesn't exist, alt.atheism:
      Yes, well, I'm not surprised. I'll bet a lot of things are puzzling to you. But you can just say goddidit and forget about them, can't you?
    • Apr 28, 1998, Kevin Jaget, Either God or matter has existed for eternity, talk.atheism:
      Anything we can possibly observe can be explained by Goddidit, after the fact. If it rains, goddidit. If it didn't, goddidit. If the Earth is round, goddidit. If the Earth isn't round, goddidit. It explains everything, but predicts nothing, and is therefore is a totally content-free statement.
    • Sep 10, 1999, Al Klein, Recreating the Origins of Life, alt.talk.creationism:
      How did whales survive in a fresh-water ocean for a year? Goddidit. How did any totally impossible thing happen?
    • Feb 2, 2001, Martijn Faassen, Can the Genetic Code be simpler?, talk.origins:
      Goddidit is not a scientific theory, if God is assumed to be omnipotent, as omnipotence cannot be scientifically verified.
    • 2003, Leslie G. Howarth, Genesis 2.0: The Search for the Truth Continues, page 188:
      The search for the truth is not over yet. In the previous chapter I described how creationism believes the opposite and tends to argue against science rather than providing answers to critical questions, usually falling back upon its untested and unproven "Goddidit" hypothesis.

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