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From Middle English godsuster, equivalent to god +‎ sister.


godsister (plural godsisters)

  1. The daughter or goddaughter of one's godparent, or the goddaughter of one's parent.
    • 2005, Diane Ehrensaft, Mommies, daddies, donors, surrogates:
      Let's go back to the thirteen-year-old girl introduced in Chapter 8 who found out her godsister was her half sister.
    • 2007, Cynthia Cole Robinson, From the classroom to the corner:
      Before she met the man who became and remains her pimp, she was selling drugs with her godsister; he was one of their clients.
    • 2009 August 23, Katie Zezima, “Leah Squires and Eric Traub”, in New York Times[1]:
      What seemed a promising turn in their relationship was dashed when he began introducing her to his friends as his godsister.
    • 2020, Ruan Bao, Deep Affection of You and Me: Volume 1, Funstory (→ISBN)
      "Mother, are you going to take her in as your goddaughter? I'm going to have a godsister? "


Coordinate terms[edit]