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Perhaps an alteration of goodwilly, or from goodwill +‎ -er.


goodwiller (plural goodwillers)

  1. One who practices or engages in goodwill, or who acts out of goodwill; one who bestows favours; a benefactor; volunteer
    • 1808, John Finlay, Scottish Historical and Romantic ballads:
      “The Earl of Douglas, being a young nobleman of good inclination, wiser perchance than any other of equal age with him, would neither give ear to his goodwillers and favourers, nor yet was he content with them that gave the counsel to turn homeward again, but reprove them highly; [...]
    • 1864, The New England Historical & Genealogical Register:
      It appears by the testimony in a suit in 1619, that John Gale, son of Richard, was in 1677, "a goodwiller" to the daughter of Henry Spring, senior, who, with his wife Mehitable, testified that " Goodman Richard Gale came to our house to ask our goodwill to make a match [...]
    • 2012, Thomas D. Bryson, The Psychotic Preschoolers - Page 64:
      Curiosity wasn't a goodwiller in that it tried to consume him completely.
    • 2013, Susann Cokal, The Kingdom of Little Wounds - Page 106:
      Outnumbered by earnest goodwillers, he agrees to visit the Queen.
    • 2014, George Zebrowski, Brute Orbits:
      And yet...and yet, the goodwillers cried, something was being misunderstood: Humanity was surely better than this! No! [...]