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Borrowed from Spanish gordita.


gordita (plural gorditas)

  1. a thick tortilla made in Mexico, frequently stuffed and made of corn flour
    • 2004, Mark Busby, The Southwest, ISBN 0313328056, page 253
      Another element in this argument is how a "real" gordita is fixed. Is a gordita the tortilla itself, or is that just a shell, requiring toppings to make it a gordita? ... On the other hand, Taco Bell's gordita is a piece of wheat flatbread folded like a taco and stuffed, which bears little resemblence to the "real" thing, which would warrant its classification as appropriation, not a variation.
    • 2012, Marilyn Tausend, La Cocina Mexicana: Many Cultures, One Cuisine, ISBN 0520954165, page 68
      The term gordita means “little fat tortilla” and all gorditas are made from masa, but what you are served when you order a gordita will vary depending on where you are in Mexico.




gordita f sg

  1. Feminine singular of adjective gordito.


gordita f (plural gorditas)

  1. (Mexico) a thick tortilla, frequently stuffed and made of corn flour