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gorky (comparative gorkier, superlative gorkiest)

  1. (informal) Awkward or strange.
    • 2009, Maria Croce, "Rise of the silver fox: Why grey is best look for older men", Daily Record (Scotland), 22 January 2009:
      Dr Gill says: "Phillip Schofield went from being a gorky boyish chump to a daytime anchor when he went back to grey. Suddenly, he seemed more mature. Maturity is what women want for a stable relationship."
    • 2010, Sue Hewitt, "Legal stoush over Chihuahua", Herald Sun, 17 October 2010:
      "He was nine weeks old when he arrived and, although he was a gorky long-legged funny little fellow, he won our hearts instantly, especially mine," Michelle Ackland said.
    • 2011, Calvin Wade, Forever Is Over, AuthorHouse (2011), →ISBN, page 282:
      We kept in touch, but not long after starting at the bank, she started dating some real gorky looking older bloke called Ray. He must have felt like all his Saturdays had come at once to be dating a girl like Jemma when his mirror told only horror stories.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:gorky.



gorky (definite accusative gorkyny, plural gorkylar)

  1. fear