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From Middle English gossiprede, gossybrede, godsibrede, from Old English gōdsibbrǣden (sponsorial obligations), equivalent to gossip +‎ -red.


gossipred (uncountable)

  1. Relationship by baptismal rites; spiritual affinity or parentage; sponsorship.
    • 1837, Thomas Moore, The history of Ireland:
      The following are the principal provisions of this statute : — That intermarriages with the natives, or any connexion with them in the way of fostering or gossipred, should be considered and punished as high treason: []
    • 1883, Sir Henry Sumner Maine, Dissertations on early law and custom:
      But perhaps the most singular illustration of the tendency of kinship to extend itself artificially under the empire of primitive ideas is to be found in certain Slavonic forms of gossipred or spiritual relationship.
    • 1886, Bernard O'Reilly, The cause of Ireland pleaded before the civilized world:
      Indeed gossipred became a powerful link of friendship between families; and to make its influence wider, noble or wealthy families often had for each child several sponsors of both sexes []
  2. Idle talk; gossip.