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gouvernante (plural gouvernantes)

  1. (archaic) governess
    • 1903, William Godwin, Caleb Williams[1]:
      When Emily endeavoured, though with increased misgivings, to ridicule these proceedings as absolutely nugatory without her consent, her artful gouvernante related several stories of forced marriages, and assured her that neither protestations, nor silence, nor fainting, would be of any avail, either to suspend the ceremony, or to set it aside when performed.
    • 1872, J. Sheridan LeFanu, Carmilla[2]:
      If Madame will entrust her child to the care of my daughter, and of her good gouvernante, Madame Perrodon, and permit her to remain as our guest, under my charge, until her return, it will confer a distinction and an obligation upon us, and we shall treat her with all the care and devotion which so sacred a trust deserves." "



  • IPA(key): /ɡu.vɛʁ.nɑ̃t/



  1. feminine singular of gouvernant