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governor-general (plural governors-general)

  1. (UK) An official appointed by the reigning British monarch to govern a Commonwealth realm as the monarch's representative.
    • 1940, Abani Bhushan Rudra, The Viceroy and Governor-General of India[1], page xi:
      It is a historical and analytical study of the position of Viceroy and Governor-General in the Indian constitutional system.
    • 1997, New Zealand Law Journal, page 217,
      The vulnerability of the Governor-General should not be overstated.
    • 2003, The Far East and Australasia 2003, Europa Publications, page 122,
      The legislative power of the Commonwealth of Australia is vested in a Federal Parliament, consisting of HM the Queen (represented by the Governor-General), a Senate, and a House of Representatives.
  2. An official in a similar position in other countries.
    Nikolai Bobrikov served as governor-general of the Grand Duchy of Finland from 1898 until his untimely death in 1904.
    • 1901, Puerto Rico Governor, Annual Report[2], page 311:
      [] the proper warrants thereon shall be issued by the auditor and countersigned by the governor-general.
    • 1996, Greg Bankoff, Crime, Society, and the State in the Nineteenth-Century Philippines[3], page 105:
      A real acuerdo (decision reached by a full session of the high court presided over by the governor-general) gradually came to have the force of law in the form of administrative ordinances embracing a wide range of subjects.
    • 2007, Taiwan under Japanese Rule, 1895—1945, Murray A. Rubinstein (editor), Taiwan: A New History, page 222,
      In the meantime the Taiwan governors-general were gradually brought under closer supervision of the home government in Tokyo.
  3. A zongdu.



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