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From grand +‎ -some.


grandsome (comparative more grandsome, superlative most grandsome)

  1. Characterised by grandness or grandeur
    • 1847, Robert Folkestone Williams, The Secret Passion:
      As a bird escaping an unwholesome cage to the grandsome freedom of the invigorating air.
    • 1870, The Ladies' Repository - Volumes 43-44:
      There is something eerie and grandsome in the idea of visiting the vaults of an old church, even though emperors are entombed there, and we almost wondered how We could of our own free will venture into that place of death, [...]
    • 2016, James Oinam, New Folktales of Manipur:
      My dog is always majestic / But he is never caustic / Maidens may be handsome / But vain they will become / My dog is grandsome / But claims he has none [...]