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From greengrocer, as though it were constructed from a verb and -er. See -ing.


greengrocing (uncountable)

  1. (humorous, nonce word) Greengrocery, the trade of selling fruit and vegetables.
    • 1907, Robert Elliott, Act of God
      I'm goin' into the greengrocing tryde meself...
    • 1931, Lionel Britton, Hunger and love
      And to think how you had stuck that greengrocing job, when there were jobs like this to be had for the asking!
    • 1999, Helen Paiba, Kate Sheppard, Funny Stories for Six Year Olds
      "I expect they get the union rates for bright greengrocing lads."
    • 2006, Michael Lingaard, The other side of magik: the first tale of the mirror worlds
      Garreth nodded, but he could feel panic rising; greengrocing? Selling vegetables? 'Could I be excused from the table?' Garreth inquired []