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Blend of grime +‎ indie


grindie (uncountable)

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  1. A style of music that fuses indie and grime music.
    • 2006, Hip-hop connection (issues 208-209, page 14)
      The whole 'grindie' thing is just bollocks. I hate labelling music. They make up names and throw it to anything.
    • 2008, Damien Morgan, Hip Hop Had a Dream, volume 1, page 345:
      He is known for MCing in grime music, and is also associated with the grindie scene which combines influences from grime, with indie rock.
    • 2011, Alex Kitts, Dizzee Rascal: Tales from Da Corner
      Dizzee [] went on to make 'Temptation', creating the first grime-indie track, or 'grindie' as Dizzee calls it []