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Blend of grip +‎ traction


gription (uncountable)

  1. The property of gripping and providing traction.
    • 1984 Colin Fletcher - The Complete Walker III - Page 138
      The pad is covered with the same Gription Mesh as the belt
    • 1996, “Lego Gription?” [message subject] Scott, in <4seh6l$>
    • 2001, The Straight Dope Staff Report [1]
      The wax is for gription, which is a word I invented. You rub it on top of the board to keep your feet and hands from slipping off.
    • 2003, Jim Beard, Sandstone Way, Virtualbookworm Publishing, p60
      ...I was up and out in no time, with only a few 'moves' on a steep stretch of slickrock, mostly trusting my shoes for gription.
    • 2004, Gription [film title] [2]