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Ctenodactylus gundi
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gundi (plural gundis)

  1. Any of the several rodents of the family Ctenodactylidae.
    • 1968, Gary Laval Ranck, The Rodents of Libya: Taxonomy, Ecology and Zoogeographical Relationships, page 258,
      The fact that specimens were collected and observed only in the higher portions of the gebel near Rumia is a direct result of my efforts having been concentrated there and does not indicate that gundis are most abundant at higher elevations or that they do not occur at lower elevations.
    • 1999, Gundi, entry in Michael A. Mares (editor), Encyclopedia of Deserts, page 258,
      Gundis occur over most of North Africa, including the western Sahara Desert and Sahel west of 15° east longitude, from Mauritania to Libya and Chad.
    • 2001, Gundis, entry in Peter Haggett (editor), Encyclopedia of World Geography, Volume 24, page 2220,
      Small balls of soft fur scampering up vertical rock faces, trilling and chirping like flocks of birds: these are the gundis, a curious family of rock-dwelling rodents that are found only in northern Africa. Four species of gundi live in the Sahara, one in the Horn of Africa.


Derived terms[edit]






  1. gundi, ctenodactylid
  2. common gundi, Ctenodactylus gundi (species of rodent)


Inflection of gundi (Kotus type 5/risti, no gradation)
nominative gundi gundit
genitive gundin gundien
partitive gundia gundeja
illative gundiin gundeihin
singular plural
nominative gundi gundit
accusative nom. gundi gundit
gen. gundin
genitive gundin gundien
partitive gundia gundeja
inessive gundissa gundeissa
elative gundista gundeista
illative gundiin gundeihin
adessive gundilla gundeilla
ablative gundilta gundeilta
allative gundille gundeille
essive gundina gundeina
translative gundiksi gundeiksi
instructive gundein
abessive gunditta gundeitta
comitative gundeineen




In Lojbanized spelling.



gundi (rafsi gud)

  1. industry; x1 is industry/industrial producing x2 by process/means x3.

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gundi (needs class)

  1. glue (sticky adhesive substance)

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