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Alternative forms[edit]


From gynaecology.


gynaecologist (plural gynaecologists)

  1. (Australia, British spelling, Commonwealth, dated in US) (Canadian spelling, also common) A physician who specialises in diseases of the female reproductive system.
    • 1950, Moya Woodside, Sterilization in North Carolina: A Sociological and Psychological Study, University of North Carolina Press, page 56,
      In the last analysis, the fate of each individual woman rests in the hands of the gynaecologist.
    • 1969, Canadian House of Commons, Debates, Official Report[1], page 8287:
      Since there is an important bill under study today, we are asked to hope that a gynaecologist will sit on a therapeutic committee.
    • 1972, The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Volume 12, page 194,
      During the past 5 years considerable interest has been shown by gynaecologists in the technique of laparoscopy (Steptoe, 1967; Cohen, 1970).
    • 1984, British House of Commons, Parliamentary debates (Hansard)[2], page 345:
      According to the Bill, from the moment that the embryo insertion has been completed, the authority for the gynaecologist to have an embryo in his possession immediately and automatically ends.
    • 1995 October 31, Kenya National Assembly Official Record (Hansard), page 2287,
      Mr Shikuku: [] Was there any gynaecologist among those doctors?
      Mr. Angatia: Mr. Speaker, Sir, there was a gynaecologist and also a midwife.
    • 2009, India Today, Volume 34, Issues 36-43, page 592,
      With one of the highest birth rates across the world (22.69 births per thousand), one can be sure that no gynaecologist will be without work in India.