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Norwegian Bokmål[edit]


From Middle Low German hopen, of unknown origin; compare with German hoffen and Old Norse hopast. Akin to Old English hopian, English hope, Danish håbe and Swedish hoppas.


håpe (imperative håp, present tense håper, passive håpes, simple past håpa or håpet or håpte, past participle håpa or håpet or håpt, present participle håpende)

  1. to hope, to have hope
    Jeg håper jeg gjorde det bra på matteprøven = I hope I did okay on the maths test
  2. to trust (in formal situations)
    Jeg håper De har hatt det hyggelig her. - I trust that you have enjoyed your stay here.


aspirere, imøtese, lite, stole, vone

Derived terms[edit]

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Norwegian Nynorsk[edit]


håpe (present tense håpar/håper, past tense håpa/håpte, past participle håpa/håpt, passive infinitive håpast, present participle håpande, imperative håpe/håp)

  1. Alternative form of håpa