ha-ha funny

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Alternative forms[edit]


ha-ha funny (not comparable)

  1. humorous, as opposed to strange (the other meaning of funny)
    • 1996, Ellen DeGeneres, My Point - And I Do Have One
      So (and this is the scary part), you’re in the backyard and you’re just about to doze off when you start feeling something kind of funny—not ha ha funny, but creepy weird funny.
    • 2000, Gerald Nachman, Raised on Radio
      “I wanted to do a show that wasn’t ha-ha funny but peculiar funny.”
    • 2003, Peter Hargitai, Attila: A Barbarian's Love Story
      “He’s a funny man. Not ha-ha funny, just crazy funny.
    • 2004, Inside the Minds
      Stress does funny things to people. (No, not ha ha funny!)
  2. inducing laughter, as opposed to a more subtle kind of humour
    • 1997, Sharon Solwitz, Blood and Milk
      His only problem with them is that they don’t appreciate his style of joke. ... Not ha-ha funny maybe, but no one had even smiled.
    • 1998, 0813917980: Exploring the Literature of the Appalachian Trail
      I always thought of Thoreau’s puns as more clever than ha-ha funny.