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Alternative forms[edit]



half-ass (comparative more half-ass, superlative most half-ass)

  1. Produced in an incompetent or desultory manner, or of something lacking in quality or substance; of low rank; incompetent.
    • 1969, The End of the Road by John Barth (page 155)
      the only abortion she could get even in the city would be a half-ass job by some half-ass doctor who could mess her up for the rest of her life



half-ass (third-person singular simple present half-asses, present participle half-assing, simple past and past participle half-assed)

  1. (slang) To perform a task incompletely or carelessly. Usually considered derogatory or insulting.
    • 2002, Guardians of the Eagle by John D. Messer (page 102)
      if you're working for me and I send you to do a job and you half-ass it, that reflects on me. In civilian life, we'd just fire you. Here I can't get rid of you.

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