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  • IPA(key): /ˈkutɾe/, [ˈku.t̪ɾe]


cutre (plural cutres) (colloquial)

  1. (of a thing) of bad quality, poor
    Synonym: pobre
  2. (of a place) shabby, seedy, cheesy
    Synonyms: sucio, mugriento, abandonado, descuidado
    ¡Pero qué lugar más cutre al que me has traído!
    The place you've brought me to is so shabby!
  3. (person) stingy, small-minded, scrounger, mean
    Synonyms: mezquino, pobre de espíritu, tacaño
    Tus amigos son unos cutres. Siempre que vamos a un bar dicen que se les ha olvidado la cartera.
    Your friends are mean and stingy, every time we go out to a pub they say they have forgotten their wallet.

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