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From Middle English sedy, equivalent to seed +‎ -y.



seedy (comparative seedier, superlative seediest)

  1. Literal senses:
    1. Full of seeds.
      Pomegranates are as seedy as any fruit you are likely to see.
    2. Seedlike; having the flavour of seeds.
    3. (colloquial) Having a peculiar flavour supposed to be derived from the weeds growing among the vines; said of certain kinds of French brandy.
  2. (figurative) Disreputable, run-down.
    Synonym: sleazy
    • 1981, “Seedy Films”, in Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret, performed by Soft Cell:
      Sleazy city / Seedy films / Breathing so heavy / Next to my neighbour / Let’s get acquainted
    • 2007, Bayside (lyrics and music), “Choice Hops and Bottled Self Esteem”, in The Walking Wounded:
      The healing power of alcohol / Only works on scrapes and nicks / And not on girls in seedy bars / Who drown themselves in it
  3. Untidy; unkempt.
    His seedy, dirt-smudged visage caused her to look at him askance.
  4. Infirm; unwell; gone to seed.
    With her aching back and pronounced limp, she was feeling particularly seedy today.
  5. Suffering the effects of a hangover.
    After last night’s party we were all feeling pretty seedy.

Derived terms[edit]