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seed +‎ -y



seedy (comparative seedier, superlative seediest)

  1. disreputable, run-down, sleazy.
    The healing power of alcohol only works on scrapes and nicks; and not on girls in seedy bars who drown themselves in it. (from "Choice Hops and Bottled Self Esteem" by Bayside)
  2. Full of seeds.
    Pomegranates are as seedy as any fruit you are likely to see.
  3. untidy; unkempt
    His seedy, dirt-smudged visage caused her to look at him askance.
  4. infirm; unwell; gone to seed.
    With her aching back and pronounced limp, she was feeling particularly seedy today.
  5. suffering the effects of a hangover
    After last night's party we were all feeling pretty seedy.
  6. Having the flavour of seeds.
  7. (colloquial) Having a peculiar flavour supposed to be derived from the weeds growing among the vines; said of certain kinds of French brandy.

Derived terms[edit]