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From Middle English halpenyworth; equivalent to halfpenny +‎ worth; compare Old English healfpeniġweorþ.





halfpennyworth (plural halfpennyworths) (abbreviation ha'p'orth)

  1. (British, historical) As much as could be bought for a halfpenny (pre- or post-decimalisation).
    Coordinate terms: pennyworth, tuppence worth
  2. (British, informal) A negligible amount.
    Synonyms: pennyworth, tuppence worth; see also Thesaurus:modicum
    he's never been a ha'p'orth of bother
  3. (British, informal) One's opinion or thoughts on a matter.
    Synonyms: pennyworth, tuppence worth; (US origin) two cents, two cents' worth

Usage notes

  • Also used in combination with larger amounts, as in "twopence halfpennyworth" (said "tuppence ha'penny's worth" and equal to as much as could be bought for two and a half pence).


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