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Alternative forms[edit]



From hand +‎ egg, by deliberate contrast to football meaning “soccer”, emphasizing the use of the hands and an elongated "ball" rather than round one.


handegg ‎(countable and uncountable, plural handeggs)

  1. (slang, uncountable, humorous, pejorative) The game of American football, or any other sport called “football” that uses a prolate spheroid instead of a round ball and in which the ball is mainly handled with hands (carried or thrown) rather than kicked, such as Canadian football.
    • 1909 November 9, letter to the editor, in The New York Times:
      Football is certainly a misnomer, for the game is played not with the feet but with the hands, and the ball is not a ball but an egg. I propose that the game be played with the feet and with a ball, or else that it be called “hand-egg”.
    • 2002 June 8, "p/g" (username), "Why does Arafat still draw breath?", in alt.music.rush:
      Yes, but would anyone show up for a game of handegg?
    • 2011 February 1, "FileServe FileSonic XXX" (username), "Innocent High - Jynx Maze XXX - 303 MB", worlds_sexiest_women:
      When I get there he was watching handegg. I’m not into that hand egg shit so we got into a heated argument on which was better.
    • 2011 February 8, "RVG" (username), "french pride", in fr.soc.politique:
      You're wrong, kids all around the world play football, it just takes a ball and a pair of sneakers, whereas handegg requires a full body armour.
  2. (slang, countable, humorous, pejorative) The ball used to play such a game.