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happy corner (plural not attested)

  1. (Hong Kong) A type of school prank where two or more people slam a victim's crotch against a pole or similar objects.


happy corner (third-person singular simple present happy corners, present participle happy cornering, simple past and past participle happy cornered)

  1. (Hong Kong) To perform such prank on someone.
    • 2004 April, “Let's enjoy life in this crazy and unique city”, in Varsity[1]:
      Hong Kong is many things. It is having all the showers busy in your hostel at 2 a.m. It is taking every photo with a “victory” sign. It is singing karaoke until 6 a.m. and taking the KCR home. It is falling asleep on the KCR and waking up in Lo Wu. It is running around “happy cornering” each other.
    • 2004 April, “Campus amusement arouses controversy”, in Varsity[2]:
      Apple Daily reported the incident on January 27. According to the report, a couple of male students held up one person and happy cornered him against a flagpole. Although he cried out, there was a smile on his face.


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From English happy corner.



happy corner (Cantonese)

  1. (Hong Kong, Macau) happy corner


happy corner (Cantonese)

  1. (Hong Kong) to happy corner