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  1. 大连湾
  2. 大連灣
  3. 汤原
  4. 湯原
  5. 石勒喀河
  6. 阴部神经
  7. 会阴体
  8. 肛管
  9. 坐骨结节
  10. 陰部神經
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  1. 田园女权
  2. 蜞蟆儿
  3. 金镂衣
  4. 富拉尔基
  5. 毛乌素
  6. 青瓦台
  7. 枫叶国
  8. 岁数
  9. 损坏
  10. 鲁莽

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Chinese terms that include the pronunciation in the form of IPA. For requests related to this category, see Category:Requests for pronunciation in Chinese entries.

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