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  1. 𣵛
  2. 铩铩叫
  3. 鎩鎩叫
  4. 𠊞
  5. 𠊙
  6. 䭁味
  7. 𠊘
  8. 𠊗
  9. 𠊖
  10. 𫕚
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  1. 松果腺
  2. 黄砂
  3. 唐猊
  4. 束髮金冠
  5. 建阳
  6. 尺寸之功
  7. 唐猊鎧甲
  8. 𥳓
  9. 對圓
  10. 动静

Chinese terms that include the pronunciation in the form of IPA.

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