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  1. 络丝
  2. 絡絲
  3. 砂煲
  4. 纺纱
  5. 紡紗
  6. 棉条
  7. 棉條
  8. 𱄿
  9. 𱅒
  10. 北京猿人
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  1. 弱水三千,只取一瓢饮
  2. 原声带
  3. 一把鼻涕一把泪
  4. 男儿有泪不轻弹
  5. 丝竹
  6. 美国
  7. 果酱
  8. 德国
  9. 爱国主义
  10. hiā

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Chinese terms that include the pronunciation in the form of IPA. For requests related to this category, see Category:Requests for pronunciation in Chinese entries.

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