haters gonna hate

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haters gonna hate

  1. (slang) Critics' opinions ultimately do not affect you and are unlikely to change, so ignore them.
    • 2000, 3LW, "Playas Gon' Play", 3LW:
      Playas gonna play / Haters gonna hate / That's the way it is / That's just how it's been
    • 2012, Eric Grzymkowski, A Year of Living Sinfully: A Self-Serving Guide to Doing Whatever the Hell You Want, Adams Media (2012), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      If anyone asks why you're wearing a bathrobe in public, just roll your eyes and keep on strutting. Haters gonna hate.
    • 2012, Vanessa Wieland, "Amanda Palmer: On the Art of Songwriting, Staying Busy, & Being Honest", in 2012 Songwriter's Market (ed. Adria Haley), Writer's Digest Books (2012), →ISBN, page 85:
      [Amanda Palmer:] I think the key is to NOT defend yourself too much. Haters gonna hate, especially in the age of the Internet, where everyone can hide behind their walls and masks while spewing venom, truisms, and righteousness.
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