have one's way with

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have one's way with (third-person singular simple present has one's way with, present participle having one's way with, simple past and past participle had one's way with)

  1. (idiomatic, euphemistic) To engage (as the more active or dominant partner) in sexual intercourse with, especially without the consent of one's partner; rape
    • 1964 June 18, “Ann Landers—Your Problems”, in Saskatoon Star-Phoenix[1], Canada, retrieved 26 Sep. 2011, page 8:
      Their daughter is being married in haste because she had the misfortune to go out with a terrible young man who took her to a wild beach party, got her drunk, and then had his way with her.
    • 2004 May 12, “FSC student acquitted of 2002 campus sex assault”, in Worcester Telegram & Gazette[2], USA, retrieved 26 Sep. 2011, page 8:
      "She passed out, and when she passed out he had his way with her," Assistant District Attorney Anthony J. Marotta told the jury in his closing argument.



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