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From coitus (sexual intercourse), from Latin coitus, +‎ -ize


coitize (third-person singular simple present coitizes, present participle coitizing, simple past and past participle coitized)

  1. To sexually penetrate.
    • 1948, Journal of Clinical and Experimental Psychopathology & Quarterly Review of Psychiatry and Neurology, Volume 9[1] (Psychiatry), page 443:
      She attempts to get on top of smaller boys and pretends to coitize them, in a manner which is forbidden to "good women", ...
    • 1959, Journal of the Hillside Hospital, Volume 8[2] (Psychiatry), Digitized edition, published 2009, page 272:
      "Will you all allow me to coitize you? Now, traditionally, the man is viewed as the coitizer and the woman as the coitized one.

Derived terms[edit]