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Alternative forms[edit]


Leet spelling of hacker. It became such a common example of leetspeak that haxor became synonymous with leet in this context. The verb sense derived from the noun sense.


  • (US) IPA(key): /ˈhæk.zoʊɹ/, /ˈhæks.oʊɹ/


haxor (plural haxors)

  1. (leetspeak) A hacker.
    My friend Mark, he's an uber haxor – amazing gamer too!
  2. Leetspeak.
    I hate it when people type haxor, takes hours to decipher.


haxor (third-person singular simple present haxors, present participle haxoring, simple past and past participle haxored)

  1. To hack.
    • 2007 — David L. McClard Verotopia Online
      This was definitely how the wraith was able to haxor accounts, by getting in with a friend status.