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Alternative forms[edit]


heart +‎ -some


heartsome (comparative more heartsome, superlative most heartsome)

  1. (archaic, poetic or dialectal) merry, cheery, pleasant, delightful, attractive.
    • 1875, Various, Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Vol. 15,[1]:
      There thrust the bold straightforward horn To battle for that lady lorn; With heartsome voice of mellow scorn, Like any knight in knighthood's morn.
    • 1896, William Wordsworth, The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, Vol. III[2]:
      The delight, Due to this timely notice, unawares Smote me, and, listening, I in whispers said, "Ye heartsome Choristers, ye and I will be Associates, and, unscared by blustering winds, 30 Will chant together."
    • 1907, Robert Louis Stevenson, Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes[3]:
      The oak rose before me like a pillar of darkness; and overhead the heartsome stars were set in the face of the night.
    • 1912, J.M. Barrie, Tommy and Grizel[4]:
      It was a great hour for him as he wheeled the barrow homeward, Elspeth once more by his side; but he could say nothing heartsome in Tommy's presence, and Tommy was as uncomfortable in his.
    • 1917, Nellie L. McClung, The Next of Kin[5]:
      A rainbow is a heartsome thing, for it reminds us of a promise made long ago, and faithfully kept.

Derived terms[edit]