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Alternative forms[edit]


heave in sight (third-person singular simple present heaves in sight, present participle heaving in sight, simple past hove in sight, past participle hove in sight or hoven in sight)

  1. (nautical) To appear at a distance, to emerge in the field of vision.
    • 1836, Frederick Marryat, The Pirate, chapter 7
      The captain of the schooner is abaft with his glass in his hand, occasionally sweeping the offing in expectation of a vessel heaving in sight [...]
    • 1850, Punch, The progress to Ostend
      Till on Thursday at nine, to the joy of your friend, I was told we were heaving in sight of Ostend;
      And heaving in sight on't (yon won't feel a doubt of it) Was good news to one who 'd been long heaving out of it.
    • 1864, Reverend H. Eastman, in a letter to A. Lincoln, An Acrostic
      Ho! The haven of rest is now heaving in view
      And the calm shall succeed where the winds fiercely blew.
    • 1901, Joseph Conrad, Falk
      The smoke of Falk's tug hove in sight, far away at the mouth of the river.
    • 1922, Rafael Sabatini, Captain Blood, Chapter XXVII
      Having crossed the Caribbean in the teeth of contrary winds, it was not until the early days of April that the French fleet hove in sight of Cartagena []



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