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heel +‎ tap


heeltap (plural heeltaps)

  1. A piece or wedge that raises the heel of a shoe.
  2. (dated) A small amount of (especially alcoholic) drink remaining at the bottom of a glass.
    • Sheridan
      Bumpers around and no heeltaps.
    • Thomas Love Peacock
      A heeltap! a heeltap! I never could bear it! So fill me a bumper, a bumper of Claret! Let the bottle pass freely, don't shirk it nor spare it, For a heeltap! a heeltap! I never could bear it.


heeltap (third-person singular simple present heeltaps, present participle heeltapping, simple past and past participle heeltapped)

  1. (transitive) To add a piece of leather to the heel of (a shoe, boot, etc.).