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From a corruption of *hindie, for *behindie (behind, rear end, hindward parts), equivalent to hind +‎ -ie.



heinie (plural heinies)

  1. (US, slang) The buttocks.
    • 1992, Olivia Goldsmith, The First Wives Club[1], page 200:
      She had spent enough time kissing heinies to wear her lips right off. And Shelby Symington didn't like kissing heinies. Down in Atlanta, where she was from, people used to line up to kiss hers.
    • 2001, Stephen Coonts, America: Jake Grafton, Book 9, 2013, unnumbered page,
      “I hope you're right,” Jake said, “because if you aren't “Jacob Lee Grafton, we've been betting our heinies for a lot of years. One more big bet won't make any difference.”
    • 2007, Sarah Mayberry, Hot for Him[2], page 68:
      But Leandro simply could not reconcile himself to the thought of her taking all the risk to save both their heinies.