hit the hay

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hit the hay (third-person singular simple present hits the hay, present participle hitting the hay, simple past and past participle hit the hay)

  1. (idiomatic) To go to bed.
    • 1917, William MacLeod Raine, chapter 3, in The Sheriff's Son:
      "Time to hit the hay," Dave yawned. The bartender called "Good-night" as Dingwell went out of the swinging doors.
  2. To come into contact with hay usually through stunts involving falling, swinging or being thrown into the hay for a scene in shows or movies.
    • 1995, Lee Majors (Colt Seavers), The Unknown Stuntman:
      A scene from the intro to The Fall Guy shows a yellow biplane running off a field, across the farm yard before crashing into a barn. As a result of crashing the biplane into the barn, the stuntman is shown to immediately be thrown onto the hay in effect causing him to 'hit the hay'.
  3. To swing down on a rope from the hayloft and into a haystack for fun and leisure.