hit the hay

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hit the hay (third-person singular simple present hits the hay, present participle hitting the hay, simple past and past participle hit the hay)

  1. (idiomatic) To go to bed.
    • 1917, William MacLeod Raine, chapter 3, in The Sheriff's Son:
      "Time to hit the hay," Dave yawned. The bartender called "Good-night" as Dingwell went out of the swinging doors.
      Template:Definition To fall or be thrown into the hay for a stunt scene in a show or movie.

{{Quote-song 'The Unknown Stuntman' The Fall Guy theme song sung by Lee Major/ Colt Seaver during a scene in the intro showing a biplane leaving a field, run across farm property, then crashes into a barn. Immediately followed by another scene showing the stuntman (Colt) thrown into the hay, thus 'hitting the hay' while ending the verse with "Hey Hey".}}