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hoosh (countable and uncountable, plural hooshes)

  1. A whooshing sound.
    • 2013, Quackenbush, James, A Speckled Axe, page 88:
      From downstairs we heard a hoosh as the boiler started. The pipes clanked a little while Frankie B talked more about his trip.
  2. (Antarctica, chiefly historical) A stew made from pemmican or other meat, thickened with biscuit.
    • 1909, Shackleton, Sir Ernest Henry, “Christmas on a Glacier”, in The Heart of the Antarctic, volume 2, Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company, pages 64–65:
      Christmas Day was spent at this camp, and, as was the case with the other sledging expeditions that were out at the time, a special feast was provided. For breakfast they had hoosh, sardines in tomato sauce and raisins; for lunch Garibaldi biscuits and jelly; and for dinner potted boneless chicken and a small plum pudding.
    • 1929, Joyce, Ernest Edward Mills, The South Polar Trail, page 218:
      They are magnificent animals, averaging 80 lbs. in weight, with a wonderful capacity for endurance in intense cold on very little food. Four such dogs with three men have hauled a load of 1,380 lbs. over soft snow ay 10 miles a day for many weeks. Their staple food was 1½ lbs. of Spratt's cod liver oil biscuits per day; this ration, with a hot hoosh every three days, keeping them in splendid health.


hoosh (third-person singular simple present hooshes, present participle hooshing, simple past and past participle hooshed)

  1. (intransitive) To move with a rushing sound; to whoosh.