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From Medieval Latin hōrārius, from hōra (hour).



horary (not comparable)

  1. Pertaining to an hour or hours.
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  2. Occurring every hour; hourly.
  3. (obsolete) Having a duration of just an hour; short-lived.
    • Sir Thomas Browne
      horary, or soon decaying, fruits of summer
  4. (astrology, of a question) Whose answer can be worked out by drawing up a horoscope of the exact time the question was asked.
    • 1971, Keith Thomas, Religion and the Decline of Magic, Folio Society 2012, p. 276:
      But every kind of personal problem could be dealt with as an horary question.
    • 2006, Philip Ball, The Devil's Doctor, Arrow 2007, p. 295:
      This aspect of astrology impinged on medicine too, since an horary question could be a request for diagnosis, in which case the doctor might answer it by inspecting not just the arrangement of the heavens but also a sample of the patient's urine, bearing in mind when it was passed or when it was brought to him.



horary (plural horaries)

  1. (rare, ecclesiastical) A book containing the divine offices for the various canonical hours.
  2. A narrative or account that is kept hourly.
  3. A plan or programme that gives the hours at which events are to take place; a timetable; a horarium.