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Alternative forms[edit]


From time +‎ table.


  • enPR: tīm′tā'bəl, IPA(key): /ˈtaɪmˌteɪbəl/
  • (file)


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timetable (plural timetables)

  1. a tabular schedule of events with the times at which they occur, especially times of arrivals and departures
    The timetable has been changed several times since it was first announced.
    Synonyms: schedule, timeline
  2. A schedule of arrivals and departures published in book or booklet form, or as a pamphlet, and available to travellers, either free or for a charge.
    • 1960 December, “The Glasgow Suburban Electrification is opened”, in Trains Illustrated, page 714:
      Above all, the 48-page timetables of the new service, which have been distributed free at every station in the scheme, are a model to the rest of B.R. For the first time on British Railways, so far as we are aware, a substantial timetable has been produced, not only without a single footnote but also devoid of all wearisome asterisks, stars, letter suffixes and other hieroglyphics.

Derived terms[edit]



timetable (third-person singular simple present timetables, present participle timetabling, simple past and past participle timetabled)

  1. (transitive) To arrange a specific time for (an event, a class, etc).
    I've timetabled the meeting for Monday afternoon.
    Synonym: schedule

Derived terms[edit]