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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English traveler, travelour, travailere, travailour (worker", also "traveller), equivalent to travel +‎ -er. Compare Anglo-Norman travailur, travailour, Old French travailleor, travelleeur, travelier.



traveller (plural travellers)

  1. One who travels, especially to distant lands.
    • 1892, James Yoxall, chapter 5, in The Lonely Pyramid:
      The desert storm was riding in its strength; the travellers lay beneath the mastery of the fell simoom. Whirling wreaths and columns of burning wind, rushed around and over them.
  2. (Britain) Someone who lives (particularly in the UK) in a caravan, bus or other vehicle rather than a fixed abode.
  3. (Ireland) Alternative form of Traveller
    • 2010, R. Todd Felton, A Journey Into Ireland's Literary Revival, ISBN 1458785459, page 213:
      It provoked criticism for its portrayal of a woman who leaves her marriage for life with a solitary traveler. Irish women did not do those sorts of things, the audiences felt (although the plot came from a story told to Synge on Inis Meain).
    • 2012, Mark Connelly, The IRA on Film and Television: A History, ISBN 0786489618, page 212:
      Kevin chases after him through a forest and finds the horse with Joseph Maguire (Ian Holm), a poetry-reciting traveler (Irish gypsy).
    • 2012, Maria Pramaggiore, Irish and African American Cinema, ISBN 0791480070, page 152:
      ...settled Irish people of Southern Ireland treat the traveler boys with racist hostility (2001 180–81).
  4. A list and record of instructions that follows a part in a manufacturing process.
  5. (nautical) A metal ring that moves freely on part of a ship’s rigging.
  6. (duplicate bridge) A sheet of paper that is circulated with the board of cards, on which players record their scores.
    • 2008, David Galt, Teach Yourself VISUALLY Bridge, ISBN 0470229691, page 263:
      At the conclusion of play, the scores from all the travelers get entered into a computer.


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